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Stone Villa for Sale in Cingoli

4 Bedrooms · 2 Bathrooms · Size 300
€ 430,000
APARTMENT for Sale in Senigallia, Via Trieste - Renovated - NE259
open house

3 Bedrooms · 2 Bathrooms · Size 113
€ 445,000 with tax deductions
country house for sale marche

5 Bedrooms · 4 Bathrooms · Size 300
€ 920,000

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Karim Franceschi

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Luigi Marinangeli

Chamber of Commerce real estate expert
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Timeless passion

In this short video, Luigi Marinangeli, who has been practicing as a partner at Neoclassic Immobiliare since 1978, shares his deep love for the work of a real estate agent and explains why he continues to feel passionate about helping to make people's housing dreams come true.

Testimonials from
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What makes us not only one of the best real estate agencies in Senigallia, but in the entire Marche region? But it's our customers, and what they have to say about our work.

andrea arcangeliandrea arcangeli
8.14pm 30 Apr 24
We are extremely satisfied with the experience with Neoclassic real estate in Senigallia. Luigi Marinangeli was incredibly professional and knowledgeable in helping us properly evaluate our property and find our dream home. Their knowledge of the local market in Senigallia and Marina di Montemarciano is evident, and we were impressed with their ability to guide us through the process efficiently and smoothly. We highly recommend the agency to anyone who is looking for a high quality real estate service in the area.
Valentina MaiolatesiValentina Maiolatesi
18:06 30 Apr 24
We had an amazing experience with Neoclassic real estate agency Senigallia during the sale and purchase of our new home. Our family was growing and we needed a larger space, but we were worried that we wouldn't be able to sell our current home in time. Thanks to the incredible support and professionalism of the agency and Luigi in particular, we were able to sell our house and find a new home that met all our needs, all in just a month and a half. We were impressed by their expertise in the professional real estate appraisal and the speed with which they handled all phases of the process. Thank you so much for making this time so smooth and stress-free for our family!
Sabrina MazzariniSabrina Mazzarini
09:33 23 Dec 23
I felt very comfortable with their kindness, professionalism, presence and knowledge. Available, serious and always present with a smile. Thanks Luigi thanks Karim. Sabrina
Giovanni GiampaoliniGiovanni Giampaolini
2.05pm 15 Nov 23
I feel the duty to highlight the Neoclassic real estate agency for the great professionalism and kindness of the owners Karim and Luigi. They managed to sell my property in a very short time, relieving me of any problems. Well done and thanks for everything. Giovanni Giampaolini.
Roberto GasparroniRoberto Gasparroni
7.23pm 26 Oct 23
Excellent service, professionalism and exceptional availability. A special thanks to Luigi who followed everything with maximum precision and competence
Stef CarlosStef Carlos
09:51 24 Oct 23
Very qualified agency and staff managed all the various phases in an exemplary, correct and transparent manner. Certainly, highly recommended!
Patrizia FalascaPatrizia Falasca
10:06 13 Oct 23
Super prepared and courteous owners of the agency...I felt super followed in the purchase negotiations...thanks Karim and Luigi
Nadia Chantal SantelliNadia Chantal Santelli
07:56 30 Sep 23
Very professional, patient and very kind
Mena B. LafkiouiMena B. Lafkioui
09:16 21 Sep 23
I am extremely satisfied with this agency, and in particular with Dr. Karim Franceschi, who assisted me in a very professional and friendly manner. All my requests were handled quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, Dr. Franceschi speaks several languages, including Italian, English and French, an exception in the Italian real estate world. I wish him and the agency every success. I am extremely satisfied with this agency, and in particular with M. Karim Franceschi, who assisted me in a very professional and friendly manner. All my requests were handled quickly and efficiently. Moreover, M. Franceschi speaks several languages, including Italian, English and French, an exception in the Italian real estate world. I wish him and the agency every success.
Luca PompiliLuca Pompili
11:10 18 Sep 23
We used the Neoclassic agency in Senigallia for the sale of an apartment. We found extremely friendly and above all very professional staff who followed us throughout the entire process. We could hardly have found anything better.
Ivana TorracoIvana Torraco
20:40 14 May 23
I confirm the positive relationship with Luigi Marinangeli of the neoclassic agency in Senigallia. I found great professionalism, confidentiality and competence. In the specific case of the sale of my property, I was pleased to ascertain the correspondence between the valuation made and the amount realised.
Easter MarioEaster Mario
14:38 15 Apr 23
Serious agency, managed by serious people. You will be followed at 360 degrees in the purchase of your home.
Roberta CapotondiRoberta Capotondi
20:20 20 Sep 22
Knowing the Neoclassic Immobiliare agency has allowed me to appreciate the professionalism and competence of the staff together with the preparation, scrupulosity and discretion. Obviously these qualities are not taken for granted, on the contrary! I am satisfied with the success of the sale of the family property in just over three months! Thanks Karim and Luigi!!
06:12 23 Jul 22
Extricating yourself in the world of real estate agencies is not easy. Buying or selling a property is an important step in a person's life. I turned to this agency and I found, as well as skills and professionalism, discretion and kindness. Whether you go to other people's homes or open your own to strangers is always a very delicate matter. In this agency I found honest professionals who helped me evaluate, understand and choose according to my needs and desires. Professionalism, correctness and discretion make this agency the ideal place to realize your dream of selling or buying a house. Thanks Karim!
Federica ZazzaroFederica Zazzaro
17:18 Feb 17 22
The office is really elegant and comfortable, as well as the people who work there, they immediately put me at ease by helping me in my research by showing me what was right for me. They are highly skilled people and they really know how to do their job! Thanks again !

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